Caring & professional, Veterinary Physiotherapist & Master Saddle Fitting Consultant


With a 30 year passion of caring for animals, with many cases both within domestic and competition-circuit environments,
your horse is in very good hands.

Rachael Sivyer | MIAAT ASSVAP - MSFC.

Rachael’s work at the stables of Olympic rider David Broome started a 30 year career that took her involvement with the horse to many levels. She is an accomplished rider, trainer and horsewoman with a passion for the treatment and rehabilitation of horses suffering from physical and psychological trauma and poor performance.

Her insight from many years of working within veterinary practise as an equine veterinary technician, specialising in diagnostic ultrasound, and numerous cases of horses needing a complete program of rehabilitation, led Rachael to train and qualify as a Veterinary Physiotherapist.

Throughout her career, Rachael has rehabilitated many ‘problem’ horses, both in and out of the saddle, including some of those horses formally ‘written off’. She has provided rehabilitation livery for post operative equine patients following orthopaedic procedures and colic surgery, as well as non surgical cases that require medical and conservative treatment.

Rachael treats and rehabilitates horses across several counties and is the veterinary physiotherapist for a prestigious racing establishment in Hertfordshire.

Complimenting her other work, Rachael is a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant. She is equipped with the ability and knowledge to fit and adjust saddles to a high standard, solving saddle related problems that traditional saddlery doesn’t often address as both qualified Saddle Fitter and Veterinary Physiotherapist.

Rachael spends her spare time with her rescued horses and dogs.


Rachael K. Sivyer Rachael K. Sivyer